You can purchase our products at the workshop or via email

Purchasing at the workshop

  • Products available at the workshop may be slightly different than the product catalog listed on the website. To make sure you get exactly what you want, please view our online catalog and reserve your product(s) in advance via email

  • We accept cash (in RMB or USD), AliPay, WeChat Pay, PayPal, and Zelle.

Purchasing via mail

  • Mailing service is currently restricted to Mainland China and Hong Kong.

  • Please send an email to with the product name(s) and shipping address(es).

  • Free shipping on $15USD/¥100RMB or above, or an additional shipping fee of $2USD/¥15RMB may be charged.

More customized products from a variety of well-known Chinese calligraphy and painting artists will soon be available online and in our local stores. Our new global mailing service is also on its way.



  • 因课程不同,现场商品可能会和网上商品目录有所出入。如果您需要某一款产品,建议您提前发邮件至Contact@InkMoonWorkshop.com预定。

  • 接受现金(人民币或美元),支付宝,微信支付,PayPal, Zelle。


  • 目前仅限中国大陆及香港地址。

  • 将您所需的产品和详细邮寄地址发送至。

  • 购物满$15USD/¥100RMB免运费,否则须支付额外运费$2USD/¥15RMB。


Custom Designed Product / 私人订制

Chinese Calligraphy Fan $9 USD

Soft-Stiff Hair Combination Brush With Thick Core

书法折扇 ¥65 RMB

Wall Scroll $10 USD(S) / $16 USD(L)

Soft-Stiff Hair Combination Brush With Thick Core

书法卷轴 ¥70 RMB(小) / ¥110 RMB(大)

Seal Kit $20 USD

印章套装 ¥140 RMB

More / 详情

Products / 商品

Writing Brush $4 USD

Soft-Stiff Hair Combination Brush With Thick Core

加健大白云 ¥27 RMB

Painting Brush $6 USD

Soft-Stiff Hair Combination Brush With Thick Core

加健羊毫 ¥40 RMB

Ink 180ml $4 USD

书乐墨汁180ml ¥27 RMB

Brush Mount $3 USD

笔山 ¥20 RMB

12 Color Chinese Painting Colors $4 USD

12色国画颜料 ¥27 RMB

Folding Fan $4 USD

七寸折扇 ¥27 RMB

Moon-shaped Fan $5 USD

团扇 ¥34 RMB

Regular Xuan Paper (20 Sheets) $1 USD

普通宣纸(20张) ¥7 RMB

Pre-mounted Square Paper $1 USD

预表镜片国画纸 ¥7 RMB