One of the most unique features of Chinese calligraphy and painting is the use of ink. Ancient Chinese artists believed in the concept of “Greatness in Simplicity,” and they created a rich and wonderful world just by using ink and water.



Tang Dynasty poet Zhang Ruoxu described in his well-known “Spring River in the Flower Moon Night" poem, a scene of a young lady missing her beloved who was far away. When she saw the bright moon in the sky, she knew he was seeing the same moon at the same moment, and she hoped that her thoughts for him would be transmitted by the light of the moon.


Chinese people believe that two people, wherever they are, can be emotionally connected by the moon.

中国人相信,两个相隔千里的人,只要头顶悬着同一轮明月, 就会产生一种奇妙的情感联系。



Just as the simplicity of ink can lead to a complex masterpiece, we want to give you a simple start as you begin exploring this amazing world of art. We hope to be a place where people from different cultural backgrounds connect through a common love of ink art.


Our Story


Lucy Wang was born and raised in Shanghai. She grew up immersed in Chinese traditional culture and received years of training in Chinese calligraphy and painting. She lived and worked in New York City for several years, studying with Mr. Yu Wenhui, the President of the Association of Chinese Calligraphy in America. In the U.S., she also gained a better understanding of how East meets West.

出生并成长于上海,墨月的创办者Lucy 从小就受到传统中国文化的滋养。她学习书法和国画多年,后赴美工作生活,亦不忘笔墨丹青。在纽约期间,她师从美洲中华书法家协会主席虞文辉先生,并对中西方文化有了更深的了解。

In 2016, she returned to Shanghai and founded InkMoon Workshop in order to share Chinese culture with anyone, regardless of background or experience. Her students have hailed from North America, Europe, the Middle-East, Australia and Asia, and have ranged in age from 7 to 70+.